Calculatoare de birou

Calculator de birou Texas Instruments TI-5018 SV

140 RON
Stoc Limitat
Cod produs: TI000606 Garantie: 24 Luni Pretul include: TVA
Nume SKU Pret Cantitate
MGT TI000606 139.28 RON 6
Royal Computers TI000606 167.45 RON 6


TI-5018 SV - Stylish desktop calculator with mark-up and grand total functionality and a SuperView display; Easy-to-read, 12-digit, SuperView display; Large keyboard with contoured keys; Backspace key makes corrections easy; Percent key to fi gure sales tax, mark ups, and discounts; Grand Total (GT) and Mark Up (MU) keys; Selectable decimal and rounding settings; Solar and battery powered to work anywhere.


Producator Texas Instruments
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