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Calculator de birou Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS TI014352

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TI-84 Plus - Enhanced graphics calculator, with a built-in USB port and an included USB cable for connections with computers, classroom display tools and data logging devices and sensors. Includes all the functionality of and is fully compatible with the TI-83 Plus. Connect all units (learner and teacher models) to the ViewScreen panel or TIPresenter via the TI-84 Plus Presentation Link Stores up to 30 Apps. 11 pre-loaded: Cabri Jr., CBL /CBR , Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, Probability Simulation, Science Tools, StudyCards, TimeSpan, Topics in Algebra Chapters 1-4, Topics in Algebra Chapter 5, Transformation Graphing. Memory available to user: ROM = 480 KB, RAM = 24 KB. Enhanced 8-line by 16-character display, 64 x 96 pixels. Graph/Table and Graph/Numeric split screen display. Manual Fit Line. Real and complex numbers calculated to 14-digit accuracy and displayed with 10 digits plus a 2-digit exponent. Graphs 10 rectangular functions, 6 parametric expressions, 6 polar expressions and 3 recursively-defined sequences with 7 different graph styles. Interactive graphical analysis including numerical derivatives and integrals. Advanced statistics functions, including hypothesis testing and calculation of confidence intervals. User-defined list names. Lists store up to 999 elements. Probability distributions. financial functions (time-value-of-money, cash flow calculations and amortisation). Stores and analyses up to 10 matrices. Equation solver. Supports different language programming (TI-Basic and Z80 assembly)


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